So here I am in a holding pattern, waiting for all of the parts to arrive. The KAOSS Pad KP2 is coming from London, and the tuning pegs and replacement switch plate are both coming from Hong Kong. At the very least, I need the KAOSS pad in order to measure and cut the body cavity.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some mockups to take a look at some color schemes. Finally, I get a chance to see what the black body / white pickguard scheme looks like…

I’ll have to think about this. Also, what to do about the Johnson logo in the headstock. A friend pointed out that if I sand the logo off, that I would basically have to re-finish the entire headstock to get it to match, continuously. That sounds like more than I would want to do, and I absolutely will NOT paint it. That’s too ’80s hair metal guitar…

So I’m beginning to throw around the idea of fabricating a metal cover for it, and designing a custom inlay with a new logo. Time to get a little creative. What do you think?

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