The day has finally arrived.  The Arduino is here!  If you recall from my previous Arduino post, this is the device that will allow me to program the color shifting LED lighting assembly that will backlight the KAOSS Pad.  Ultimately, I plan on connecting the LED unit to the power running through the touch pad control ribbon so that no external batteries will be required.

As I had mentioned previously, I most likely will not be using this altogether that often, so I opted to purchase a “less expensive” (aka. most likely counterfeit) Arduino from an eBay reseller based out of Hong Kong.  While it took several weeks for this to arrive, it ended up saving me over 60% of what it would have cost by purchasing from an authorized reseller.

The LED assembly features a “set it and forget it” paradigm, so the Arduino will only be used for programming purposes.

This is the “un-boxed” Arduino unit.  It looks VERY similar to “legitimate versions” that may be purchased for much more.  Let’s hope it works!

This is a promising start!  The unit powers on, and is recognized in Windows 7!  After a little difficulty installing the proper driver, it seems to be functioning extremely well!

This is the Arduino development environment.  You can see a sample program called “Blink”, on-screen.  This is a test program that blinks the built in LED lights on the Arduino board.  I was able to verify the functionality of the device by uploading and running this program, or as they call it in Arduino Land, a “sketch”.

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