Setback!  After letting the Kaoss Pad Guitar modded body hang to dry, I decided to check on it to see how it was progressing.  Upon close inspection, I found what appeared to be razor thin lines in the finish of the face of the guitar. Also, I found areas that took on a rough texture, similar to a sandpaper.  Keep in mind, I had already sanded this surface, using up to 2500 grit sandpaper, and had gone through the whole polish / glaze process.  This finish was like a mirror surface, and now it’s trashed!

Looking at the above picture, you can see a multitude of lines and imperfections.  Keep in mind that some of these would be removed by using a swirl remover, but a lot seem to be caused be “crazing”.  From what I understand, “crazing” refers to a term that describes cracking in a finished surface that might be due to any number of mitigating circumstances.  In this case, I believe my issue stems from the fact that the acrylic lacquer layers, beneath the surface,  are drying at a much slower rate than those on the surface.  When lacquer dries, it actually contracts.  When the subsurface contracts, beneath the already dried and solid surface, you get what amounts to cracks in a concrete sidewalk caused by settling. 

In this picture, you can see the areas of a gritty finish.  This was completely smooth a few weeks ago.  Also, you can see some of the long, straight, razor thin lines. These lines are rough to the touch.

Above is another section that shows the rough texture and the long lines. 

What’s the solution, you might ask?  More spraying!  I did a test run by re-spraying the surface of the guitar body with more acrylic lacquer, just to see if this new layer would bond with the old.  To my surprise, the new lacquer bonded with the old very easily.  After a few layers, the imperfections, and crazing marks, all but disappeared.  Now I’m certain that they will reappear, as the subsurface drying continues, but at least I now know what my next steps will be in order to repair the surface of this guitar and that it isn’t a total loss.  Now back to the waiting…

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