Here I am, knee deep in helping the drying process along for the guitar body finish, and I had nearly forgotten that I needed to do something about the ugly “Johnson” headstock!  After about 5 minutes of deliberation, I decided just to sand the damn thing, and refinish it.  This would be easier, and more elegant, than fabricating some sort of plate in the exact dimensions to simply overlay the old logo.

This ugly headstock had to go.  Agree?
I pulled out the trust 150 grit sandpaper.  Normally, you would consider this fine, but after working with sandpaper from 500 to 2, 500, this was extremely aggressive!
 You’ve got to hand it to whomever manufactured this neck, because that logo was intended to last!  Notice, after a sold pass of sanding, you can still see the faint “Johnson” logo outline.  Time for the electric hand sander.
That did the trick.  No more logo, and no more remnants of the old lacquer finish.  In order for my new stain to “take”, I had to try and remove as much old lacquer as possible.

I masked the sides, and behind the tuning peg holes to eliminate any mess from drips or runs.

Here’s the old can of wood stain that I found in my garage.  This will do.

The headstock, after the first application of stain.

Since the stain was very light, I repeated the staining process three times, leaving the stain on the wood for about twenty minutes at a time.  That seemed to give it a nice, aged, tint.  Now I’m off to try and figure out how to make a decent looking logo for this thing.  Any suggestions?

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