I keep mentioning that I am “working to dry the guitar’s lacquer finish”, so that I can finally complete this thing.  Now you may be wondering “how the hell do you ‘work to dry’ a lacquer finish”?  Well let me tell you,  after researching various methods, and asking a wide variety of knowledgeable professionals, I’ve devised an extremely complex, and somewhat difficult to understand, drying method.

Behold, the back yard drying rack!
Notice the custom, precision designed, drying rack.  Let me tell you, this uses nothing but the most advanced techniques available ever developed by fluid design engineers!  Engineers from Apple were consulted to ensure nothing but the most aesthetic and functional design possible.

So you may have correctly guessed, at this point, I’ve used a step stool.  My friend, the guitar builder, told me to stick the damn thing in the sun to help the subsurface layers dry (otherwise, it might take another several months).  Apparently, the sun won’t damage the finish, as would have been my original concern.  Since it’s been quite hot here recently, I’ve been putting this thing in the back yard; for weeks, and weeks and weeks…  Actually, you would be surprised how much this accelerated the entire process!  In just days, I am seeing the surface shrink, and subsurface imperfections rising to the top.  Also, I am seeing crazing (cracking) in areas where I otherwise would have guess to be completely dry.  I may still be weeks away from a dry guitar finish, but this will certainly help.
Here’s a shot of the sparkle finish, in the sunlight.  The aluminum flake may not seem reflective in this photo, but trust me, they sparkle just fine.  Since I am seeing a bevy of imperfections rising to the surface, through the drying process, I will certainly need to re-sand and polish.
Again – I just didn’t want you to think I had forgotten about this project!

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