Since I am heading towards the finish line on this project, I figured I had better start tying up all of the loose ends, before it’s too late.  And by too late, I mean before the project comes to a standstill from any one of this tasks.  One of the last things I needed to do was perfect the cosmetic / structural face plate that will hold the KAOSS Pad KP-2 in the guitar body.

From the myriad of pictures I’ve posted in the past, you may recall that I have nothing but a big ugly cavity in the guitar body, cut to fit the KAOSS Pad.

Now you may remember, from this previous post, that I created a CAD drawing of a face plate that will not only serve as a cosmetic trim piece, but will hold the actual unit in the body of the guitar.  Well the original design didn’t go so well.  When the original face plate arrived, the dimensions were WAY off.  So I decided to put this on the back burner, until I was forced to revisit it.  Well, that time is now.

Using a website called Ponoko.com, I am able to upload a simple design file, and fabricate a polished and professional looking product.  Time to remeasure, and actually get the CAD design correct this time.

My test mock-up helped me to determine the actual measurements in millimeters (the standard unit of measure for the design program I used).  After checking these measurements SEVERAL times, I was fairly confident that I had gotten it right, this time.  If anything, I made the design so that it would fit very snugly.  If necessary, I could tweak the finished product with my Dremel.
So I placed the order, and after about two weeks, the fabricated piece finally arrived!  And it fits…..
Perfectly!  I couldn’t have asked for a better fit!  The molding fits very snugly to the lip of the KAOSS Pad, and the exterior dimensions are just large enough to cover the protruding tabs.  It is also large enough so that I can drill screw holes and actually fasten the unit to the body of the guitar.   I’ve made the design file for the Korg Kaoss Pad KP-2 face-plate freely available at Ponoko.  Click this link to visit the design page, and download your copy today.  Or, you can simply order up one of your own via Ponoko.  Trust me, the approximately $10 (including shipping) they charge is well worth it!
Now I’m back at waiting for the guitar body to actually dry.  Since I’ve last posted, even more crazing (cracking) has appeared in the surface of the guitar body.  I’ll have to wait until the subsurface layers are completely dry before I can finalize this build.  Hopefully not much longer!

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