Last time, we started final assembly of the KAOSS Pad Guitar modification.  Today, I’m going to be covering the pickup wiring and assembly.  For this assembly, I purchased two new pickups, a hot chrome plated neck pickup, and a single coil size, dual-rail humbucker for the bridge.

 The single coil pickup in the Telecaster style body is rather unique, in that it mounts directly to the wooden body, rather than the pickguard.  The connection wires pass through a routed hole, into the angled cavity that you see above, and end up in the control plate cavity (below).
Here, you can see the bridge-mounted, single coil size, dual rail humbucker pickup that I purchased.  Wow, that’s a mouthful!   This pickup mounts, at an angle, directly to the Telecaster style bridge, on the guitar body.  The humbucker pickup wires pass directly into the control cavity, that is covered by the switch plate.

Since I never wired a pickup before, I needed a really good resource.  I found a page, on the Seymour Duncan website, that provides wiring diagrams for just about any guitar / pickup configuration imaginable!  (Here’s the link)  The above diagram fit my application perfectly! 

Here’s a shot of my wiring / soldering in progress.  It actually looks WAY more complicated than it actually turned out to be.  In the above picture, the white and yellow wires were already soldered in place, on the control switch plate I purchased.  The only connections I needed to make were four separate pickup wires, and two input jack connections. 


 Here’s a shot of the finished product!  Note – I’m going to have to do more wiring, beneath the switch plate, for the touch pad, but the test fitting was successful!
 This is a closeup of the installed bridge, in reference to the pickguard and switch plate.
 This is the input jack, on the edge.  I’ll probably swap it out for a black chrome plate, eventually.  If you look beneath the input jack, you can see the routed hole, that will eventually turn into the input jack for the KAOSS Pad connector!
 One small adjustment had to be made to the pickguard, to allow the switch plate to fit in the curved section.  Apparently, the stock switch plate was slightly smaller.  This wasn’t an issue, as I was able to carefully shave the pickguard to increase the radius of the cutout, and allow the switch plate a snug fit.  That’s all for today.  Next up, wiring the KAOSS Pad controls!

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