After more than a year, I can’t believe this is actually done!  I’ve got a fully assembled KAOSS Pad guitar, that began life as a cheesy Fender Telecaster knock-off, which was acquired through a Craigslist trade.  At this point, assembly is a no-brainer, so I won’t be showing pictures of me installing the neck screws.  Below, you will mostly find some post-assembly shots.  I would call them glamour shots, but the lighting isn’t right, and the camera wasn’t great.  I promise, I’ll eventually get some really good shots of this axe.  Also, in the next post, I’ll be covering how the base unit hooks into the amp, as well as some additional implementation guidelines.

Here’s the guitar body (fully assembled) and the neck. 

One MAJOR mistake I made was not cleaning the neck pocket thoroughly.  I managed to get this entire guitar together, put on a set of strings and got to work adjusting the saddles, neck and intonation.  No matter what I tried, however, the strings kept bottoming out on the frets, and most of the notes in the upper registers were dead.  I raised the string saddles to their maximum height, to no avail.  My friend suggested checking the neck pocket, and sure enough, there was a SMALL amount of built up lacquer, close to the pickguard end.  This tipped the neck ever so slightly, and caused a major misalignment!  This picture is what the neck pocket looks like, after a thorough cleaning.  Sure enough, that fixed ALL of my issues!  The neck is now straight, the action is low, and this guitar plays like a dream!

Here it is!

This is the guitar, with the power switch in the “off” position.

This is the guitar, with the power switch in the “on” position.  Note the illuminated hold button, as well as the glow of the touchpad.

This is more difficult to see, but here’s a shot of the touchpad, color cycled to green.

Here’s the touchpad, color cycled to red.  As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be posting some info on how the base unit interfaces with my guitar amp / rig, as well as some additional pointers.  I’ll also be posting a postmortem of everything I learned during this build.

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