So this was the part that I was very much not looking forward to.  This is the first neck in which I will be drilling fresh mounting holes, and I sure didn’t want to mess it up!  As it turns out, it was a lot easier than I had anticipated!

This body features an “easy access” heel.  This means that the outermost edge actually slopes down, toward the guitar neck.  In the picture above, you can see the slope.  Because of this, I could use full length mounting screws in the back, but needed to use shorter screws in the front so as not to pierce the fingerboard.  In order to test the length, and take accurate depth measurements, I installed the neckplate, and put the screws in.  What I didn’t show, was that I put the neck in place, secured it with a clamp, and lightly tapped the screws into the neck to mark my drilling locations.
 Next up, I set the depth measurement on my drill press.  After that, I put my neck, next to the drill bit and extended the arm fully.  This was to ensure that I didn’t drill too deeply.

Next up, drilling the actual holes.  This part was easy, as I had already marked the neck positions, and set my drill press depth.  I took my time, lined up each screw marker, and carefully drilled the hole.  Note – If you are using a handheld drill, it is important to make sure to drill as vertical a hole as possible.  You don’t want your holes wandering off to the side! 

So after all that worrying, I now have four, perfectly aligned drill holes!  Note, the picture above makes the top left hole look out of place, but that must be just the angle of the photo.  The holes line up very well!  One note though.  I would have drilled these holes before finishing the body and neck so there was less chance of damaging the finish, but I didn’t have a drill press at the time.  I knew I would be getting one, so I held off drilling until I knew I could do it accurately.