It’s final assembly time for the LED 7-String guitar!  In this first part of final assembly, I’m going to finish off the guitar neck.  To do this, I need to do three things:

  • Install the Grover Tuners
  • Install the Floyd Rose locking nut
  • Install the Floyd Rose string angle guide bar
Let’s get to it!
Here’s the guitar body and neck, just waiting to be assembled.  I started with the neck, as that would be the more straightforward of the two to assemble.  The body is going to need a LOT of wiring, mounting of things, measuring and drilling.
The first thing is to make sure that the tuning machine post holes are thoroughly cleaned of any lacquer buildup.  In the picture above, you can see the rough edges around the post holes.  I simply used a rat tail file  to gently work the holes back to their proper diameter.
 Once the holes were cleaned of excess nitrocellulose lacquer buildup, I gently worked each of the Grover Tuning machines in place and gave them a rough alignment.
Using a straightedge, parallel to the top of the guitar headstock, I aligned each of the tuners.  As you can see, the flat bottom of the Grover tuners made this pretty easy to do.
To secure the tuners from the back, and to stop them from rotating out of alignment, each one had to be screwed in with these tiny little screws.
In the final assembly phase, it is VERY important to pre-drill your holes.  Doing this will prevent you from causing any cracks in the wood or the lacquer surface.  Since I didn’t want to drill to deeply, I measured the depth of the screw with a caliper, and marked the end of the drill bit with a piece of tape.  This would give me a good visual cue to not drill too deeply.
Once the tuners were drilled and screwed in, I put the nut and sleeve screw on each post on the face and tightened easily.  If you tighten these to much, you run the risk of cracking the lacquer on the face of the headstock; too little and your tuners will wobble.
This is one of the things I’ve been most excited about, a 7-String Floyd Rose guitar tremolo system!  I’ve never owned a guitar with a Floyd Rose Tremolo setup, nor have I owned a 7-String guitar.  Soon I’ll have the two, combined into one!
Installing the Floyd Rose locking nut was a snap.  Just two screws and two washers.
Next up, I needed to install the string guide bar.  To do this, I laid the bar in position, making sure the screw holes didn’t interfere with the run of the strings.  Once I had this in place, and using a very technical specialized clamp (my hand), I drilled the two post holes.
 The grand unveil!  Here are the two post holes!
And last but not least, I’ve got the string guide bar in place.  Consider the neck finished!