We’re down to the home stretch on this guitar!  You may remember the last post described how to install the Grover tuning machines and Floyd Rose locking nut into the 7-String neck.  Today’s post will be brief, as there isn’t much to installing strap buttons on a guitar.  I actually thought it was going to be more of an issue than it really was.  Let’s jump right into it.

I ordered a set of black strap buttons from Stewmac, to match the rest of the hardware. 
The first step was to measure both the diameter of the screw, as well as the depth which it would drive into the guitar body.  This is important to determine the proper drill bit for pre-drilling, as well as how far to drill.
Next up, I needed to figure out the center line of the guitar.  This is important, due to the fact that you want the bottom strap button to be relatively centered so as to help the guitar’s center of balance.  To do this, I measured the pickup routs, and divided them in half to get the center point of the body. 

Using the pickup route measurements, I used a straight edge to extend the center line towards the bottom edge of the guitar body. 

Then, using a 90 degree right angle, I found the point on the edge, and drilled a hole to the proper depth.   

Drilling the upper horn was much less precise.  I just looked up a handful of photos on the Internet, in order to eyeball the proper position.  The only thing I was very careful of, was to be sure to drill as close to vertical center as possible. 

And here it is, the installed horn strap button!  Going through my photos, I realized that I forgot to take a picture of the installed, bottom edge, strap button.  I guess we’ll just have to use our imagination on that one.

 Here’s a bonus picture!  To begin final assembly, I took the liberty of sanding out the edges of the back control cavity cover location.  You’ll probably have to do this as some point when lacquering a guitar, as lacquer tends to build up in hard edges. (Fascinating, isn’t it?)